Senior program innovation specialist with a proficiency in strategic planning, standards development, database applications, performance analysis, and travel planning.

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Robert (Bobby) Chappell
Founder and Principal

RCL Strategies is founded on the idea that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and no silver bullets.  However, there are proven methodologies that are applicable to every shape and size of business and destination.  These methods make up the core of our services. 

Regardless of where you are on the sustainability spectrum, there is room for continuous improvement.  No matter what your objectives may be, there is a way to chart a course to your intended destination.  And this is where we can help.  RCL Strategies will listen to your needs, your challenges, and your intended outcomes to develop a solution that works for your situation and within your budget.

Robert (Bobby) Chappell has over 17 years’ experience in assessment, tourism, and impact reporting.  Mr. Chappell is an innovator and strategist who specializes in program development and performance analysis.  He is a recognized leader in tourism standards development and his work places him in the forefront of the sustainability movement as a visionary change agent for the tourism industry.


Over the last eight years, Bobby has led a number of innovative programs to measure the collective impact tourism has on people, places, and resources.  He has deployed global supply line assessments for Royal Caribbean, G Adventures, Rustic Pathways, and Expedia.  He has established monitoring programs for dozens of Caribbean destinations, the South Pacific Tourism Organization, and the European Union.  Bobby has installed sustainability standards and certification schemes for Vail, Colorado, Republic of Panama, Norway, and Hostelling International.  He has also developed several database applications to solve complicated analysis for impact reporting and index ratings.  Mr. Chappell has worked with hundreds of micro, small, and medium sized tourism businesses; been project leader on dozens of complex corporate and destination-level sustainable development projects; and is seen as an effective leader and project manager.  

Bobby’s professional career started as a park ranger and environmental consultant conducting visitor use impact studies, endangered species surveys, and watershed assessments. He has worked in the hospitality industry, has extensive experience in tour guiding, service-learning, and study abroad and was immersed in the ecotourism industry of Costa Rica for over four years. Bobby’s undergraduate studies focused on protected area management and his graduate thesis (with Distinction) connected the dots of heritage tourism, agriculture, and community development on the island of St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

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