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To ensure sustainability is woven into all aspects of the destination, we offer two specialized programs:

Actively Green for Businesses

Mountain IDEAL for Destination Managers

Both Programs Include

Internationally recognized best practices

Training Modules & Toolkits

Accredited Certification Program

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Sustainable Community Development Roadmap Template


Vail, Colorado

Project Objective

To credibly and objectively validate Vail’s recognition as a sustainable mountain resort community. 

First step was facilitating an on-site action planning session for over two dozen local stakeholders to define sustainability themes for the destination.


The result of the session was an actionable roadmap for the Town of Vail that has been implemented over the last eight years. 


The key primary deliverables:

Actively Green Sustainability Business Training Program

Mountain IDEAL Sustainable Destination Recognition Program

Outputs & Impacts

Actively Green Sustainable Business Training and Certification Program


Prepared and delivered training workshops for local businesses introducing concepts of sustainable tourism and eco-certification.

The Actively Green Program collects environmental impact data from all participants including waste, water, energy, and CO2.  This data is used to define new trainings and incentive programs.  


To date:

•304 businesses and individuals trained

•103 businesses currently using the sustainability monitoring system

•64 businesses certified

Outputs & Impacts

Mountain IDEAL Sustainable Destination Program

Developed sustainable community standard and certification program covering destination planning, development and management..     

Vail established a Destination Stewardship Council with 25 members and full participation and collaborative public-private partnership between Town of Vail, Vail Resorts, and US Forest Service District.  To date, DSC has identified approximately 10 action projects, 8 have been completed.

Vail become the 1st GSTC-certified Sustainable Destination in the United States in December 2017 (re-certification in 2020).  Breckenridge, CO is being certified to the Mountain IDEAL standard in 2020 and Jackson, WY has integrated it into their own destination certification planning.


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