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Improving Tourism Impacts



Sometimes, a little help from an external professional can make the biggest difference towards your success. As an industry-leading strategist and program innovator, Bobby Chappell has witnessed the impact of well planned and executed sustainable development projects for businesses and destinations of all sizes. TIS offers a variety of advisory services from strategic planning to coaching for private, public, and NGO partners - contact us to find out more.



Bobby Chappell is an expert in designing and activating dynamic quality and sustainability management systems.  He has developed internationally-recognized standards, assessed hundreds of businesses and dozens of destinations, designed state-of-the-art monitoring systems, produced compelling management plans and impact reports, and designed robust training modules based on a continuous improvement methodology.  TIS can apply this same method to help you address a range of sustainability challenges - contact us to find out more.  



Immersion and shared experiences are proven methods for impactful learning.  TIS combines the experience of a tour operator with the knowledge of an industry-professional to design experiential learning and immersion study programs that showcase a destination's achievements in sustainable development and creates peer-to-peer learning.  Programs connect participants to destination managers and business leaders for behind the scenes access to learn how strategies are developed and implemented - contact us to find out more.