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Robert (Bobby) Chappell

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Strategist, Program Architect, Change Maker

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Bobby Chappell has spent over 20 years activating strategies and programs that generate positive impacts for people, places, and the planet.  He has been a conservation biologist responsible for assessing visitor use impacts and critically endangered habitats; he has worked on the front line of nearly every sector of the hospitality industry; and he has played an influential role in advancing sustainable tourism around the world.

He is a mission-driven professional who brings quantifiable results to project partners by listening to their needs, crafting strategies based on objective data, building capacity for long term success, and monitoring project impacts for continuous improvement.

Tourism Impact Services'



Tourism Impact Services (TIS)  is passionate about helping communities connect the dots to discover a shared vision for tourism and recreation development.  By design, this type of authentic place-making results in a vibrant community that is a great place to work, live, play and visit.


TIS works at the intersection of community planning + sustainable development + visitor use management and is founded on the idea that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and no silver bullets.  However, there are proven methodologies that are applicable to every shape and size of business and destination.  These methods make up the core of our services. 


Regardless of where you are on the community development spectrum, there are opportunities for your destination to maximize the benefits of sustainable tourism and or outdoor recreation.  No matter what your objectives may be, there is a way to chart a course to your intended destination.  And this is where we can help.  TIS will listen to your needs, your challenges, and your intended outcomes to develop a solution that works for your situation and within your budget.

Project Team and Support

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Beth Wright

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Specialty areas and professional interests:

team leader; destination development, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement

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Jess Wilson

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Specialty areas and professional interests:

research and data analytics; tourism for sustainable development; nature-based, adventure and ecotourism; community-based tourism


Amanda Reiser

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Specialty areas and professional interests:

researcher, project manager, sustainability, nature-based tourism, destination development, cultural heritage tourism

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