Sustainability Assessments

You can't manage what you don't measure so our first step is to assess your operations to determine where you are performing well, where improvements can be made, and identify opportunities for quick wins.  


Assessments can be done against globally recognized standards or we can develop a set of criteria and indicators specific to your business, organization, or destination.  

We specialize in self-assessments, onsite pre-audits, and asset inventories.

Impact Reporting

Sustainability is typically measured in environmental metrics alone.  Our approach is to include economic and socio-cultural impacts as well.

Impact reports can help your business, organization, or destination see the wide range of impacts tourism is having.  

We specialize in supply line assessments, holistic indicators, and benchmarking dashboards.

Monitoring Systems

Sustainability is a journey, not the a destination.  


Once you have done your initial baseline assessments and reports, your next step is to install an ongoing monitoring program.  

We specialize in developing monitoring systems (simple to complex) that can help your business, organization, or destination continuous assess, benchmark,  and report on key indicators that can better inform your decisions. 


Certification is the recognition of a product and/or business for achieving a specified level of compliance with a sustainability standard.  

Businesses and destinations can set themselves apart by applying globally recognized standards to their management operations which in turn help to improve overall efficiency, staff morale, product quality, and social and environmental responsibility.  


We specialize in all aspects of eco-certification.   

Strategic Planning 

This project was first launched in order to help college graduates plan the next 5 years in their careers. We soon learned that in today’s market, the demand for career experts is huge, and hence expanded the project to meet the needs of additional sectors. If you want to join this project, give us a call.

Travel Planning

Combing experience as a tour operator in Costa Rica, study abroad program coordinator in the South Pacific, and sustainable tourism development expert to offer customized itineraries with an emphasis on experiential learning.  This is an excellent way for groups (e.g. trade associations, destination managers, conference attendees, university students) to participate in fam tours, learn about business and/or destination best practices, engage with community stakeholders and participate in excursions that showcase a destination's sense of place.  

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